able to find fonts with a single command
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Zig program to find fonts to solve my mlterm font configuration problem. See for more information on this.

See fontfinder -h for usage. For mlterm, you may want to use a different pattern, specifically the default, but without spacing:

-p :regular:normal:slant=0

This was built with Zig 0.11.0-dev.3886+0c1bfe271. The intent is to rebuild with Zig 0.11 when released, but the version above is close enough that it should work at that time.


This is not fully zig build friendly, since it links to system libraries. Specifically, you need to have fontconfig and dependencies installed. I initially went down that rabbit hole, but it's kind of a mess that I don't need for what is really a personal project.

To help with the build, a Dockerfile exists in this repository that can be used to create a docker image with the appropriate zig version and system libraries. the shell script zig-via-docker will then act as a drop in replacement for installed zig, passing all commands through to the container. That script is set up for podman (same as docker, but allows running without root) and a docker image named fontfinder.

This is a personal project, so happy for others to use it, but if you want things to improve, you will need to file a PR. ;-)