AWS SDK for Zig
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AWS SDK for Zig

Zig 0.12:

Build Status: Zig 0.12.0

Last Mach Nominated Zig Version:

Build Status: Zig 0.12.0-dev.3180+83e578a18

Nightly Zig:

Build Status: Zig Nightly

NOTE: TLS 1.3 support is still deploying across AWS. Some services, especially S3, may or may not be available without a proxy, depending on the region. See limitations section below

Current executable size for the demo is 980k after compiling with -Doptimize=ReleaseSmall in x86_linux, and will vary based on services used. Tested targets:

  • x86_64-linux
  • riscv64-linux*
  • aarch64-linux
  • x86_64-windows**
  • arm-linux
  • aarch64-macos
  • x86_64-macos

Tested targets are built, but not continuously tested, by CI.

* On Zig 0.12, riscv64-linux tests take a significant time to compile (each aws.zig test takes approximately 1min, 45 seconds to compile on Intel i9 10th gen)

** On Zig 0.12, x86_64-windows tests have one test skipped as LLVM consumes all available RAM on the system

Zig-Develop Branch

This branch is intended for use with the in-development version of Zig. This starts with 0.12.0-dev.3180+83e578a18. I will try to keep this branch up to date with latest, but with a special eye towards aligning with Mach Engine's Nominated Zig Versions. As nightly zig versions disappear off the downloads page (and back end server), we can use the mirroring that the Mach Engine participates in to pull these versions.


zig build should work. It will build the code generation project, fetch model files from upstream AWS Go SDK v2, run the code generation, then build the main project with the generated code. Testing can be done with zig test.


This is designed for use with the Zig 0.11 package manager, and exposes a module called "aws". Set up build.zig.zon and add the dependency/module to your project as normal and the package manager should do its thing. A full example can be found in /example.

Configuring the module and/or Running the demo

This library mimics the aws c libraries for it's work, so it operates like most other 'AWS things'. /src/main.zig gives you a handful of examples for working with services. For local testing or alternative endpoints, there's no real standard, so there is code to look for AWS_ENDPOINT_URL environment variable that will supersede all other configuration.


The zig 0.11 HTTP client supports TLS 1.3 only. AWS has committed to TLS 1.3 support across all services by the end of 2023, but a few services as of April 1, 2024 have not been upgraded, and S3 is a bit intermittent. Proxy support has been added, so to get to the services that do not yet support TLS 1.3, you can use something like mitmproxy to proxy those requests until roll out is complete.

WebIdentityToken is not yet implemented.

TODO List:

  • Json parsing is based on a fork of the 0.9.0 (maybe earlier?) json parser. This needs a re-visit. Note also that a json.zig file is embedded/copied from the codegen project, so that also needs a second look.
  • Take a look to see about compilation speed. With codegen caching this is reasonable, but still takes longer than needed.
  • Upgrade the model files. This is a simple tasks, but I'd like the first item on this list to be completed first.
  • Implement sigv4a signing
  • Implement jitter/exponential backoff
  • Implement timeouts and other TODO's in the code
  • Add option to cache signature keys

Services without TLS 1.3 support (4 services out of 255 total)

The following service list is based on limited testing against us-west-2 region. Your mileage may vary, as there are thousands of endpoints against many regions. It appears the TLS 1.3 rollout is fairly far along at this point.

NOTE ON S3: For me, S3 is currently intermittently available using TLS 1.3, so it appears deployments are in progress. The last couple days it has been not been available consistently, so I have added it back to the list.


Dependency tree

No dependencies:

  • aws_authentication: base structure for credentials (only one type)
  • aws_http_base: contains basic structures for http requests/results
  • case: provides functions to change casing
  • date: provides limited date manipulation functions
  • http_client_17015_issue: zig 0.11 http client, with changes
  • json: custom version of earlier stdlib json parser
  • xml: custom xml parser library
  • url: custom url encoding

aws_credentials: Allows credential handling aws_authentication

aws_http: http_client_17015_issue aws_http_base aws_signing

aws_signing: handles signing of http requests aws_http_base aws_authentication date

aws: main usage point for libraries aws_http json url case date servicemodel xml_shaper aws_credentials aws_authentication

main: main entrypoint for demo executable aws

servicemodel: Provides access to all aws service generated models all generated model files

xml_shaper: Manages interface from xml to in memory structures xml date